Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tips for Buying Digital Camera

Tips for Buying Digital Camera:

  • Consider your capabilities, limitations and interest in photography.
  • Consider the situations and occasions you generally use to take photos and select suitable camera accordingly.
  • For the beginner, low-cost point and shoot digital cameras are suitable. Set the camera to auto mode and frame the subject. The camera makes all the adjustments for focus, aperture opening, shutter speed, etc. Auto focus features are important, but a camera with manual focus features can give greater flexibility.
  • To take snaps on sports events, one need a versatile, full featured camera, with zooming, light adjustment, etc.
  • For high-quality photos, consider the size and type of the camera's image sensor.
  • Check out the zoom and focus features. Optical zoom is more important than digital zoom as it doesn't reduce image quality. Optical zooms help to take a variety of shots - close-ups, portraits, landscapes, and telephoto images.
  • The LCD screen is used as a larger viewfinder to frame the subject. Once a shot is taken, you can review it on the screen to see if it came out properly.
    Screens are measured in pixels, just like the size of image. The more the pixels, the better is the image seen on screen.
  • Ensure you get a complete camera kit, which generally includes the camera body, strap, starter memory card, battery, charger, USB cable as well as PC drivers and editing software on a CD ROM.
  • Be sure to shop around before actually buying a camera.


jalalHB said...

Nice tips - but too late to have read as I already bought one.

And thanks for visiting my blog - regards - J

Saurabh said...

You can also check the article at:


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